The gemaker commercialisation process

gemaker provides services in research-industry engagement and commercialisation, to bridge the gap between invention and growth.

Stage 0: So you have an idea?

We can begin by discussing your idea and its potential, your strategy and any steps you have taken to commercialise, and the assistance you may need to go further. Commercialisation advice is available (charged per hour) over the phone or in half day to full day sessions with you.

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Stage 1: Validating your idea

Our technical and commercial industry experts will assess the commercial viability of your new product or service. Our in-depth market analysis will identify what your key competitors are doing, which market/s you should enter, and how you can develop a customer base.

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Stage 2: Protecting your idea


To minimise your risks and costs, we’ll advise on options for intellectual property protection and develop a strategy that best suits your invention and circumstances.

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Stage 3: Preparing your plan

We use solid market research to prepare a commercialisation plan which outlines the pathway to market for your invention and funding options.

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Stage 4: Research-Industry Engagement

We provide training and mentoring in industry engagement for researchers. We help businesses find experts to answer scientific questions and solve technical problems. We’ll expand your networks of prospective partners, funders and customers, by connecting research organisations, government departments and agencies, professional associations, startups, SMEs and corporations.

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Stage 5: Accessing funding

We’ll work with you to identify and access funding from government grants and investors (angels or venture capitalists) assist you with grant applications and develop and implement strategies to attract investors.

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Stage 6: Developing your product or service

We’ll find test customers for you and coordinate trials of your product or service, delivering detailed feedback so you can make refinements before you enter the market. We’ll obtain valuable early-adopter testimonials for marketing purposes.

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Stage 7: Marketing your product or service

Our sophisticated PR strategies and targeted marketing plans will raise your profile and attract customers. To build your brand, we’ll create irresistible marketing collateral for print, video and web. We’ll manage your social media, design and deliver events, and write your award applications.

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Stage 8: Achieving commercial success

We’ll help you achieve your optimal commercialisation outcome, whether this is a spin-off from a research organisation, growing sales of your product or service, licensing agreement/s, or sale of your business.

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