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We help to bring researchers’ great ideas and innovations out of the lab and into use.

What we do

We help Australian researchers to collaborate with industry and commercialise their technologies. We train and mentor researchers in industry engagement. We fill resource gaps in tech transfer offices or provide additional support as needed.
industry networking and engagement
  • We develop effective industry engagement strategies to increase research organisations’ networks and the impact of their research.
  • We help researchers to identify key stakeholders and potential partners, determine business and customer problems and how their research can address them, and create a compelling pitch to industry.
  • Our award-winning training enhances researchers’ confidence and skills in industry engagement.
market research and idea validation
  • As an essential step in early commercialisation, our technical and commercial experts assess the market readiness and value of new knowledge and technologies.
  • We identify key competitors and any market compatibility issues and quantify potential customers.
  • If there are multiple potential markets, we determine which are more valuable or easier to reach.
commercialisation strategy and implementation
  • The best strategy might be to sell or license intellectual property, to create a spin-off business, or to collaborate in commercialisation with an external industry partner.
  • We enhance any preliminary evaluation with further market research.
  • We develop a comprehensive commercialisation plan defining the optimal path to market, to support discussions with potential industry partners.
finding funding
  • We help researchers identify and acquire funding for industry engagement.
  • We have an outstanding record in winning grants to help innovators commercialise new products and services. We also offer a downloadable grant support package to help you improve your chances of winning a grant.
  • You can search for available funding using our Funding Database.
  • You can also search for current innovation challenges. These programs support innovators in solving problems and developing new technology, products, services or business models aligned with government or industry priorities.
marketing strategy and implementation
  • Our customised marketing and PR solutions are based on sound intelligence, scaled to your needs and budget, and targeted for maximum impact.
  • We perfect your pitch and other compelling communications to convey the value of your research to government, community stakeholders and potential industry partners
  • To build your profile, we create engaging marketing materials for print and digital media, design and deliver effective events, and write winning award applications.
IP strategy
  • Good intellectual property (IP) management supports researchers’ need to publish their work, fosters productive industry engagement, and reduces the risks of commercialisation.
  • There are many ways to safeguard IP, so we help researchers determine their best IP strategy.
  • We provide expert advice on IP protection, licensing or sale.

Why gemaker?

Our team has decades of industry engagement and technology transfer experience across diverse sectors including: advanced materials and manufacturing, ICT and education, medicine and medical devices, space, mining, nuclear technology, environmental sustainability and renewable energy. We’ll leverage our extensive networks to accelerate your industry engagement and commercialisation.

Speaking the languages of both academia and business, we are able translators. We know every step of the commercialisation pathway because we’ve made the journey many times, so we can train and support researchers at every stage.


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