Organisational Profile

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) 3D are experienced specialists in three-dimensional scanning and printing for the global entertainment industry. Using the latest equipment, WYSIWYG-3D can: capture detailed 3D data; create accurate digital doubles of actors and environments for costume designers, art departments and VFX crews; and print premium quality 3D costumes, props, models and monsters.


A print and online advertising campaign for The Production Book magazine (a.k.a. ‘the film and TV bible’) and productionbook.com.au


In a tight timeframe, after interviewing the client, gemaker delivered an eye-catching suite of ads that clearly explained WYSIWYG-3D’s technical services and their value proposition for the target audience. WYSIWYG-3D subsequently won work on the ‘Dora the Explorer’ movie (2019).

gemaker were efficient and easy to work with. They really understood the technical and commercial contexts of our business. There’s no way I could have briefed a copywriter or graphic designer as effectively as Natalie directed her creative team.

Leanne Rolton

Business Manager, WYSIWYG 3D