Michelle Kovacevic  – Communications Specialist

Michelle Kovacevic is an experienced communicator, science journalist, project manager and facilitator with a passion for storytelling and curating playful, surprising & transformative experiences for diverse groups of people.

She has helped physicists in Melbourne, climate scientists in Paris, government officials in Indonesia, journalists in Southeast Asia, and agricultural entrepreneurs in South Africa find their voice amongst the technical jargon of their day-to-day work and use this to better impact policy and public opinion.

In 2011, she relocated to Indonesia as the youngest staff member to work at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). She founded the CIFOR’s blog and social media channels, which quickly became leading examples in the international development sector. In 2014, she co-founded the global Youth in Landscapes Initiative, which unites top young innovators to tackle global land use challenges and create solutions using innovation tools, leadership development and collaborative problem solving skills.

She has also helped young farmers around the world access mentoring and investment for their ideas, ran Australia’s first virtual reality hackathon on urban sustainability, and coordinated a national movement to help thousands of Australians welcome newly arrived people to their communities.

Michelle holds a first class honours degree in neuroscience and diploma in Indonesian language from the University of Melbourne, as well as an advanced diploma of group facilitation. Her full portfolio can be found at www.michellekovacevic.com