IP Australia

Organisational Profile

IP Australia is the agency responsible for administering Australia’s IP rights system – specifically, patents, trademarks, designs and plant breeder’s rights. As well as granting exclusive rights under the statutes it administers, IP Australia advises the Australian Government on IP policy; provides IP information and education services to business and the broader community and regulates the IP profession.

Services Provided

IP Australia identified an opportunity to provide start-ups and small businesses with more key information around commercialising their IP to encourage and attract more venture capital investment. gemaker was selected to assist with the development of informative and dynamic web content to fill this commercialisation knowledge gap for startups and SMEs.


We selected gemaker for this piece of work because of their extensive commercialisation expertise. We needed to engage a team that had a strong knowledge of the subject matter, they offered the added bonus of being able to provide us with advice on the best way to structure the content for the start-up and SME sector.”

“We wouldn’t hesitate in working with the gemaker team again, they have outstanding expertise, the turnaround time was quick and their service is great value for money.

Strategic Communications team

IP Australia