Fast Track: Improve the Site Access Experience

Grant Organiser BHP
Grant Overview

This competition is inviting companies from around the world to provide ideas, solutions or services that can help us improve our site access process across our Australian operations.

Companies (startups or SMEs) who participate in this challenge will have the opportunity to the following:

  1.     Gain Exposure within BHP –Your company, technology and proposed solution will be viewed by BHP management involved in the assessment of all submissions including the operations, digital and technology teams within BHP.
  1.     Connect with BHP Leaders –Companies who are selected and short-listed based on their proposal will be invited to a private forum hosted by BHP.  In this forum, BHP management will provide further detailed background on the current operational and digital landscape for your solution.  You will have the opportunity to meet the BHP team for a deeper engagement and discuss your proposed solution its contribution to the challenge.
  1.     Win the opportunity to co-develop your solution and trial your technology inside BHP –  While we cannot make a binding commitment, the goal of this challenge is for BHP to identify potential technology companies as partners who can support the co-creation of a solution that is “fit-for-purpose” and able to be piloted at a BHP site.
  1. Win BHP as a new customer –Following a successful pilot, the opportunity exists to scale your solution across the organisation to multiple BHP sites.
Eligibility Criteria: 3.1 Entry to the Competition is open to all persons who meet the following entry criteria:

3.1.1     persons must be over the age of 18 years;

3.1.3     directors, managers and employees of the Sponsor or the Host are ineligible to enter, except for employees of the Sponsor who present a written declaration stating they did not receive any material support from the Sponsor to prepare their submission.

Merit Criteria To avoid bias towards known solutions and approaches, and to encourage a wide range of submissions (i.e. existing products, UX/UI designs, process improvements, working prototypes, etc,), we have not pre-defined a set of assessment criteria. However, submissions that recognise and address the problem most effectively will have a higher chance of success. Also, make sure that your submission addresses its own potential shortfalls.

For example: If you have an existing product in the market which meets the requirements and has existing customers, you may want to demonstrate a case study, while a team proposing a custom build should focus on demonstrating their capabilities to build and enterprise-ready solution. If you are submitting an idea focusing on one part of this challenge, think about how it would integrate.

Level of Funding: TBA
Submissions Submissions need to contain:

  • A presentation deck (PDF) describing your solution
  • A completed application form

You may also like to use more creative ways to explain your solution, such as videos, mockups etc. To include these, you have an option to add a link in a addition to your uploaded pitch deck.

Your submission will remain fully private and will only be visible to the competition sponsor and the Unearthed team.

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Further Information and Applications: