Dr Julie Wheway – Manager, Strategic Engagement

Julie is proud of Australia’s world-class research and innovation and strives to increase its real-world impact. She helps to take new knowledge and technology to market by developing and implementing commercialisation and marketing strategies for research organisations and innovative businesses.

Julie has a deep understanding of Australia’s R&D sector and won numerous grants and awards for her own medical research at UNSW, the University of Sydney and the Garvan Institute, over a period of 15 years. She subsequently developed her commercialisation and marketing skills through experience in the education and STEM sectors, including a role in the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation’s business development team.

For gemaker’s clients, as well as training researchers to navigate the cultural differences between academia and business, Julie develops and facilitates networking events to promote research-industry collaboration. She has led many successful commercialisation and marketing projects for Australian universities and public research agencies, government departments, start-ups and SMEs, across various STEM sectors, including biomedicine, space, mining and ICT.

Email: julie@gemaker.com.au