Cyber Security Challenge Australia 2019

Grant Organiser Cyber Security Challenge Australia
Grant Overview

CySCA is a ‘hacking’ competition run by an alliance of Australian Government, business and academic professionals who are committed to finding the next generation of Australian cyber security talent – including you!

Starting in 2012, CySCA will show you what it’s like to work in cyber security and will get your name in front of some of Australia’s most dynamic employers.

CySCA is Australia’s only national cyber security competition. It runs over 24-hours and will test both your technical skills and communication know-how. It’s not easy, but it’s heaps of fun, and the opportunities you get from participating are fantastic.

Think you’re up for the Challenge?

Eligibility Criteria: CySCA is open to full-time Australian university undergraduates and undergraduate-equivalent TAFE students based in Australia. Each team may contain up to four students, studying full-time at an Australian institution.
Merit Criteria

Teams will submit their responses to each Goal and Task via the scoring web application. Some scoring information will be maintained in the web application but there will also be offline assessment and postgame moderation that may affect the team’s final score.

Teams will score points by submitting correct flags/answers available throughout the game as described by the scoring web application. Once the team submits a correct flag/answer, they will be required to describe how they gained the flag/answer. This will be reviewed by CySCA organisers and may affect the team’s final score

Submitting correct flags will occasionally unlock explanatory questions that will require teams to provide advice on vulnerabilities discovered or actions taken in non-technical language (as assessed by CySCA organisers)

Teams will only be allowed to submit answers for explanatory questions three times.

The team which scores the most points will be declared the winner, following a final review and validation of results by CySCA Organisers.

In the event of a tie, the team to score the most flags will be declared the winner. If the teams are still tied, the team that submitted their last flag first will be declared the winner.

Level of Funding: Several prizes available to top teams

Team Coordinators are responsible for submitting an Expression of Interest nominating the number of teams their Institution intends to register (maximum 4), along with their own details (two per Institution). 

Important Dates: Challenge Starts: October 8, 2019 
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