Chatty Kids

Organisational Profile

Chatty Kids is developing the world’s first online, interactive, graded library of English picture and chapter books, with read-along videos. Chatty Kids is building strategic partnerships in the Chinese education market. In China, English is compulsory for primary school students and valued by parents as the path to international education and high-level employment. However, access to local or remote tutors who are native English speakers, and to high quality educational resources, is limited and expensive.

On any internet-connected device, the user selects an e-book from the Chatty Kids library and follows along as a native English speaker reads the text in a video window. The child can record a video of him/herself reading aloud, to share with other children for peer-to-peer learning, and for assessment and feedback by educators and parents. Globally, the Chatty Kids platform will be the most cost-effective way for schools or parents to access a sufficient number of engaging, graded books, to help children develop English literacy and fluency.

Services Provided

gemaker wrote the successful Chatty Kids application for a $500,000 Accelerating Commercialisation grant from the Australian Government.

I was determined to submit the best grant application possible, for the best chance of success, so I needed professional assistance. There is much more to it than simply filling out a form; there is special terminology and a particular writing style required, which gemaker knows and applies well.

The grant assessors rejected two Chatty Kids applications prepared by other writers. With gemaker’s help, my application was successfully completed to their exacting standards.

The gemaker team pulled out all the stops and got the work done in a very tight time frame. They handled the pressure well and were pleasant to work with. I would certainly recommend them.


Ken Taggart

Founder and Director, Chatty Kids