Organisational Profile

BioGill is a bio-technology company established to commercialise award-winning water treatment technology. The BioGill technology has a wide range of applications in particular water treatment and water recycling. BioGills successfully treat grey water, sewage and many different industrial wastewater streams such as effluents from breweries, wineries and food manufacturing. The technology also has applications in aquaculture in cleansing and maintaining high levels of water quality in hatcheries and grow out ponds.

Services Provided

gemaker was engaged by Biogill to perform in-depth market research and analysis for inclusion in the companies 5 year business plan, which was successfully used for obtaining venture capital investment.

Natalie is a gem if you would pardon the pun. Natalie and her team are highly professional, very dedicated and as a result their analysis is thorough and they provide detailed insights. Within a tight timeframe they provided us with professionally researched information for inclusion in our business plan. We would not have been able to have put together such a detailed business plan without them.

Steve Atherton

Former CEO, BioGill Operations