We use science to market… science

You don’t need to employ a marketing person to commercialise your research or grow your innovative business.

Access our skilled team flexibly, to match your needs and budget.

We’re scientists, so we understand the vocab of the lab and we get tech.

We’re also marketing experts, so we’re commercially savvy and creative.


Market research

Social media management

Presentations and pitch decks


Marketing strategy development and implementation


Copywriting and content marketing


PR, events and media liaison

Graphic design and branding

Website design and management

where science…

meets marketing

We love working on the cutting edge of ideas and technology.

We’re experienced in launching innovations that disrupt markets.

We conduct thorough research to identify your best potential partners and markets.

We create compelling value propositions to motivate investors and customers.

We apply hard data and intelligence to solve problems.

We perfect your pitch and write winning grant and award applications.

We test new opportunities and refine our tactics as your business evolves.

We build and influence your audience through print and digital media and events.

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Presentation Training Insights

Presentation Training Insights

It started with heart palpitations. Then, clammy hands and cold feet. The last thing I remember is feeling light-headed, before collapsing on the studio floor. During my first weekend presenting on metropolitan television, I fainted. Not once, but twice. (Foolishly, I...