Grant Support Package

Resources to help you prepare competitive grant applications

Competition for grants is intense. To win funding requires a strategic, methodical approach and strong communication skills. Our experienced grant writing team has compiled the following grant support package to help you upskill and give your application the best chance of success.

NOTE: These resources contain general advice for grant applications. They do not replace the specific guidelines produced by the government department administering any funding program. gemaker cannot guarantee success for any grant applicant who uses our services or resources.

Grant Support Package inclusions:

3 x 20-minute videos: Expert grant guidance

Our experienced grant writer Rebecca Colless walks you through the three key phases of a competitive grant application: screening, applying and telling your story.

Packed with useful tips and techniques, these videos will help you: determine if you’re eligible for a grant; decide if you should invest in a time-consuming application; and craft a clear and compelling response.

Booklet: Planning and writing competitive grant applications

This seven-page pdf summarises the considerations and techniques covered in the videos.

Keep this guide by your side as you compile your grant application and don’t click ‘submit’ until you’ve addressed every point in it.

Project plan template

A strategic project plan is good business practice and the foundation of any proposal to your executive team or grant application – for which it’s usually a required attachment.

This easy-to-follow template will help you produce a comprehensive plan, which will make it much easier to address the grant application questions – and to deliver your project successfully!

Price: $110

$110.00 – Purchase Includes 10% tax

Other Funding Services

Customised grant application advice

Meet via Zoom or telephone (as you prefer) with one of our specialists to discuss your specific grant application questions and concerns.

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Grant application review

One of our specialists will review your grant application draft (in a Word doc) and provide specific advice on improvements as detailed comments in the document margins.

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Grant application writing

Our team will write your grant application based on information provided by you. Cost is dependent on how much preliminary advice you need, the quantity and quality of information you supply, and whether you require assistance with supporting documentation (project plan, letters of support, etc.) Availability for major grants can be limited so get in quick.

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Grant funding strategy

Our team can assist you to identify possible grant funding options for each stage of your commercialisation journey.

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