COVID-19 Resources

To help our team, clients, suppliers and their families through COVID, we’ve compiled these useful resources. If you would like to suggest additional resources please email us.

Protect yourself from COVID-19

Find a vaccine clinic »

Clinic locations nationally including availability for initial jabs and boosters plus online bookings

Which masks protect best against Omicron? »

Epidemiologist Nancy Baxter explains the huge variations in protection between cloth, surgical and N95 masks. [ABC Radio]

COVID test locations

COVID test finder »

Testing locations in NSW, VIC & QLD, including wait times

Find a RAT locally »

National map showing availability of Rapid Antigen Tests

Managing COVID-19 at home

How to prepare for a COVID-19 case in the home »

With the arrival of Omicron increasing the chance of catching Covid, it important to limit it's spread in the home [ABC News]

Managing COVID at home with help from your GP »

A guide, action plan and symptom diary for patients [RACCGP]

How to keep your pets safe from COVID-19? »

Some animals such as ferrets, hamsters and cats are more susceptible than others like dogs. [RSPCA]

Resources for families

Getting my child (aged 5-11) vaccinated »

Use this national COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Finder []

Talking about COVID-19 with children »

This resource is designed to help parent and carers prepare for these conversations [Emerging Minds]

COVID-19: How to talk to your child »

How to ensure what your kids hear about COVID-19 is reliable [Kids Health]

Learning at home lessons »

Lessons from the beginning of Term 1, 2022, if child needs to learn at home []

Resources for businesses

COVID-19 financial support for small businesses »

If you're a small business is likely COVID-19 financial assistance is available to you []

Five ways to navigate supply chain disruption »

Tips on how to overcome this disruption to get your business running as smoothly as possible [Business Australia]

How to support your staff during COVID-19 »

As a manager, it’s important to think about how to support your staff, particularly those struggling with stress and other emotions [Black Dog Institute]

COVID case numbers

COVID map: Australia and the world »

COVID numbers for cases, deaths, hospitalisations, tests and much more. View from country (or global) level down to local LGA. Data is aggregated from several sources

Help others

Go Give One - Vaccines for everyone, everywhere »

Money raised funds COVID-19 vaccines for lower-income countries [WHO Foundation]