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So we can better assist you, please let us know what stage you are at in your commercialisation journey.

    I think I have a good ideaI know my idea meets a customer need, with competitive advantagesI have protected my intellectual property (IP)I’ve built a prototypeI’ve tested my new product/service with end usersI’ve secured development fundingI have paying clients/customersI am expanding / changing my businessOther


    idea validation/market research/making a business caseintellectual property (IP) advicecommercialisation strategy/business development planningresearch-industry engagementfinding funding sourcesgrant application writingproduct testing and developmentmarketing, including website and digital mediaaward application writingmedia liaison and other PROthernot sure


    Concept stageConcept has been screened/ testedMarket research has been performedProduct developmentProduct testingCommercialisation

    - What problem is your innovation solving?
    - What benefit will it bring?
    - Who would benefit from your innovation?

    Commercialisation Insights