26.07.2016 Log: 26.07.2016: Writer: Natalie

The Plan and the Word
Malcolm Turnbull:  Australia is transitioning from the mining construction boom to a new and more diverse economy… Our Plan will provide growth, jobs and a secure future for Australian families.
Me:  Hey!  When I co-founded gemaker in 2011, I had the same goals.
In less than five years, gemaker has achieved substantial growth and created jobs...

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25.06.2016 Log: 25.06.2016: Writer: Natalie


By nature and definition, scientific researchers are curious explorers who boldly broach frontiers, from nanospace to outer space. Shining the beams of their logical hypotheses into the darkness of ignorance, they bravely step forward into the unknown, extending the illuminated domain of human understanding by one replicable-experiment-and-result after another.

Yet I know that many of these otherwise courageous pioneers quake at the thought of venturing into an inhabited region virtually unknown to academics, marked with the warning ‘here be dragons’: the mysterious land of...

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23.06.2016 Log: 23.06.2016: Writer: jwheway


Since I left research for employment with a commercialisation consultancy, networking has become an essential skill for me. A consultancy business lives or dies on the strength of its network, and as Marketing and Communications Manager for gemaker, I feel this responsibility keenly.

In the research world, despite being somewhat of a socially awkward penguin, I found networking easy, because I was with my flock - I knew many of the people at the conferences and...

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24.05.2016 Log: 24.05.2016: Writer: Natalie

Dark side, Darth Vader

Star Wars fans – including me – celebrated Star Wars Day last week, on May the 4th… be with you, and recently we have enjoyed the latest instalment in the movie series, so I feel this is a good time to explore the topic of research commercialisation using terms that a Jedi Knight would recognise.

The Federal Government is seeking a better return on its sizeable investment in research. The Government believes they will get more bang for their buck through:

  • ...
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30.04.2016 Log: 30.04.2016: Writer: jwheway

Good timber does not grow with ease:

The stronger wind, the stronger trees;

The further sky, the greater length;

The more the storm, the more the strength.[1]

How would you feel if your start-up received A$450K in an Accelerating Commercialisation grant under the Australian Government’s...

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28.04.2016 Log: 28.04.2016: Writer: jwheway

Earlier this year, I wrote about “Why I left research-and what would have made me and other women stay”. I’ve been blown away by the number of researchers (women and men) who’ve responded by asking how I changed careers successfully.

In the halls of academia, many a water cooler conversation concerns ‘Plan B’,...

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2.04.2016 Log: 2.04.2016: Writer: Natalie


I recently had the pleasure of conducting a class on Marketing Tech Transfer at the KCA Best Practice Course on 9-10 March in St Kilda. The slides for this presentation can be downloaded here.
I began the class with asking “What is Marketing?” Once the class got over their shock of...

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31.03.2016 Log: 31.03.2016: Writer: jwheway

So you think you’ve invented something – a new product or process? The first thing to do is hire a patent attorney to protect it, right?

Maybe not… There are many ways to safeguard your intellectual property (IP) and a patent may not be a realistic option or the smartest choice. Determining an IP strategy that best suits your invention, circumstances and business plan could be the key to long-term success.

Consider these sobering statistics from IP Australia:

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26.02.2016 Log: 26.02.2016: Writer: Natalie


As a start-up or small business you don't always have the luxury of a large budget, a market research company or a team of marketing professionals to get your company in front of new customers. But there are some smart things you can do with the customers you have.


Do your research

If you want to attract more of your ideal type of customer and more business from your current customers, don’t be afraid to ask what your...

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25.02.2016 Log: 25.02.2016: Writer: jwheway

I read a brilliant article this month by my very talented friend Dr Darren Saunders on “What can men do to stem the exodus of women from science?”.  Many points in his article I found quite sobering, particularly that women comprise more than half of science PhD graduates and early career researchers but just 17% of senior academics in Australian...

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