21.09.2016 Log: 21.09.2016: Writer: Natalie

Our very own Dr Julie Wheway was a guest speaker at the first annual National Symposium: Connecting Women in STEMM conference held this week at RMIT University, Melbourne. The event, hosted by Women in STEMM Australiaaimed to connect women in STEMM regardless of their discipline or profession. In response to the conference, Julie was also asked to participate in a thought leadership series published on Science Meets Business, mapping gender equality in STEMM disciplines:...

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Dr Julie Wheway explains how bias in STEM is effecting 50% of our talent.

19.09.2016 Log: 19.09.2016: Writer: Natalie

Strategic thinking, business and commercial acumen plus the ability to communicate and influence are some of the identified skills required by Technology Transfer Professionals (TTPs) to...

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27.08.2016 Log: 27.08.2016: Writer: Natalie

Australians are famously sports mad*.

Half our television bulletins are devoted to the latest sporting results and disgraced athletes regularly make the front page of the nation’s newspapers.

But it’s not often the chief scientist gets on the sports bandwagon.

Which is why it was a surprise to see Alan Finkel telling a room full of business leaders at the Australian Financial Review Innovation Summit this month that Australia has a lot to learn from the success of Iceland’s national soccer team.

For those unaware of the buzz surrounding the Icelandic team, the...

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26.07.2016 Log: 26.07.2016: Writer: Natalie

The Plan and the Word
Malcolm Turnbull:  Australia is transitioning from the mining construction boom to a new and more diverse economy… Our Plan will provide growth, jobs and a secure future for Australian families.
Me:  Hey!  When I co-founded gemaker in 2011, I had the same goals.
In less than five years, gemaker has achieved substantial growth and created jobs...

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25.06.2016 Log: 25.06.2016: Writer: Natalie


By nature and definition, scientific researchers are curious explorers who boldly broach frontiers, from nanospace to outer space. Shining the beams of their logical hypotheses into the darkness of ignorance, they bravely step forward into the unknown, extending the illuminated domain of human understanding by one replicable-experiment-and-result after another.

Yet I know that many of these otherwise courageous pioneers quake at the thought of venturing into an inhabited region virtually unknown to academics, marked with the warning ‘here be dragons’: the mysterious land of...

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Since I left research for employment with a commercialisation consultancy, networking has become an essential skill for me. A consultancy business lives or dies on the strength of its network, and as Marketing and Communications Manager for gemaker, I feel this responsibility keenly.

In the research world, despite being somewhat of a socially awkward penguin, I found networking easy, because I was with my flock - I knew many of the people at the conferences and...

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24.05.2016 Log: 24.05.2016: Writer: Natalie

Dark side, Darth Vader

Star Wars fans – including me – celebrated Star Wars Day last week, on May the 4th… be with you, and recently we have enjoyed the latest instalment in the movie series, so I feel this is a good time to explore the topic of research commercialisation using terms that a Jedi Knight would recognise.

The Federal Government is seeking a better return on its sizeable investment in research. The Government believes they will get more bang for their buck through:

  • ...
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30.04.2016 Log: 30.04.2016: Writer: jwheway

Good timber does not grow with ease:

The stronger wind, the stronger trees;

The further sky, the greater length;

The more the storm, the more the strength.[1]

How would you feel if your start-up received A$450K in an Accelerating Commercialisation grant under the Australian Government’s...

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28.04.2016 Log: 28.04.2016: Writer: jwheway

Earlier this year, I wrote about “Why I left research-and what would have made me and other women stay”. I’ve been blown away by the number of researchers (women and men) who’ve responded by asking how I changed careers successfully.

In the halls of academia, many a water cooler conversation concerns ‘Plan B’,...

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2.04.2016 Log: 2.04.2016: Writer: Natalie


I recently had the pleasure of conducting a class on Marketing Tech Transfer at the KCA Best Practice Course on 9-10 March in St Kilda. The slides for this presentation can be downloaded here.
I began the class with asking “What is Marketing?” Once the class got over their shock of...

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