28.01.2017 Log: 28.01.2017: Writer: Natalie


You’ve put your heart and soul into your business. Years of passion, dedication and plain hard work have gone in to get it to where it is.

But what would your company really be worth if you sold it today?

Accounting Heart director Sonia Gibson says the most common way to value a business is based on future maintainable earnings—an adjusted average of profits over a number of years.

This is then multiplied by a number, based on...

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Accounting Heart


9.01.2017 Log: 9.01.2017: Writer: Natalie


From an app that alerts carers when elderly patients need help to a robot programmed to solve a rubix cube, the diversity of entries in the University of Wollongong Science Fair last month was dazzling.

In the innovation category, the high school prize went to a girl who designed a buoy to detect rips in the surf.

Her device—called the Clever Girl—had a mechanism that made a light go off when water rushed through it at a particular speed.

The girl had tested it in a spa and even...

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4.01.2017 Log: 4.01.2017: Writer: Natalie

This was probably the most interesting and educational work experience I’ve been on. Even better! Unlike other students I didn’t have to photo copy paper all day. In the beginning, I had no idea what the company gemaker really was about. I read the website, but the day to day experience was the real eye opener.

From the first day I progressed through attending client meetings, investigating potential new clients and maintenance of existing customer relationships. Some of the customers have amazing products and the people working in these companies lead really interesting careers....

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STEM Australia's Future




27.11.2016 Log: 27.11.2016: Writer: Administrator

Right now, intellectual property (IP) management presents a banquet of opportunities, judging by presentations at the IP Business Congress Australasia, held this month in Melbourne.


1. Appetiser

In her keynote address, Patricia Kelly, Director General of IP Australia, proposed that Australians are embracing entrepreneurship, invention and innovation, as evidenced by 10% growth in patent applications (28,000 total) last year. In 2015, the...

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26.11.2016 Log: 26.11.2016: Writer: jwheway

It’s approaching the end of the year, and for Australian researchers that means grant announcement season. It’s a time often filled with anticipation and anxiety as many a researcher awaits news of the grant applications they submitted some ten months ago.

This year the funding news isn’t great, with reports National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Project Grant success rates are as low as 9%. These funding rates have been steadily declining since 2010. The...

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30.10.2016 Log: 30.10.2016: Writer: Natalie


Five years ago, Athena Prib and I founded gemaker with the idea that we could support Australian research organisations and start-ups to accelerate their technology transfer. We would do so using our depth of knowledge in some sectors, our wide network, and our commercialisation and marketing expertise.

Warren Brady, Kevin Cullen, Peter Arambatzis and George Collins – leaders we had reported to – knew our work ethic and believed in us. They gave gemaker a crucial first chance, helping us survive until others saw our results and our client base began to grow. First customers...

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29.10.2016 Log: 29.10.2016: Writer: Administrator

When Craig Doyle and three other successful entrepreneurs pooled $5 million of their own money to invest in upcoming businesses, they thought they would get involved with about ten companies. More than a year in, the fund has not been able to find a single business to invest in. With too many ventures failing to have a clear view of the value of the company and what they want the money for, Craig has turned his hand to helping businesses get investment ready. 

Craig, who is the chief executive of Lion Advisory & Capital, says one of his top tips for businesses seeking investment...

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Lion Capital


29.10.2016 Log: 29.10.2016: Writer: Natalie

I have just run a two-day workshop at a Sydney-based university aimed at empowering academic researchers to engage professionally, effectively and sustainably with industry, and it was an eye-opening experience for us all.


As always happens when I teach, I learnt a lot, even though technology transfer is my expertise. I learnt more about what holds researchers back from beneficial partnerships with industry, and shared the joy of ‘A-ha!’ moments, when they realised what they could change or start doing, to seed the relationships they need.


From 1 January...

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29.10.2016 Log: 29.10.2016: Writer: Natalie


Is Australia’s glass of innovation half full or half empty? I thought, as Science & Technology Australia’s second annual Science Meets Business conference began. 

At this gathering of 200 leaders from research, the private sector and government, some pronouncements tolled like a death knell:

BONG… Australia ranks 81st globally in technology transfer – our researchers produce far more publications than patents.

BONG… The political cycle spins faster than the wheel of R&D, so research funding never lasts long...

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21.09.2016 Log: 21.09.2016: Writer: Natalie

Our very own Dr Julie Wheway was a guest speaker at the first annual National Symposium: Connecting Women in STEMM conference held this week at RMIT University, Melbourne. The event, hosted by Women in STEMM Australiaaimed to connect women in STEMM regardless of their discipline or profession. In response to the conference, Julie was also asked to participate in a thought leadership series published on Science Meets Business, mapping gender equality in STEMM disciplines:...

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Dr Julie Wheway explains how bias in STEM is effecting 50% of our talent.