Stage 5: Accessing funding

Money can’t buy me love, but you’ll definitely need cash on the long and winding road to market. Unless you’re as rich as the Beatles, you’ll require a funding strategy, and we can work it out.

gemaker can help you identify sources of funding, demonstrate your value, define and prioritise your needs, conduct internal due diligence, and produce a comprehensive and cohesive business plan that will secure respect, admiration and the necessary funding to fulfil your plan. We will introduce you to our extensive networks and employ our expertise in commercial communications for your pitch and mentor you to succeed in selling your business story.

We have an outstanding record in winning grants and tenders, accessing funding and identifying investors for researchers and innovative start-ups and SMEs to commercialise novel products and services.

Contact gemaker to discuss your funding needs and receive a quote.

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Welcome to the gemaker website and our first Insight.

Welcome to the gemaker website and our first Insight.

Insights are designed to provide useful anecdotes, practical information and resources to innovative businesses seeking to grow their business by taking their new ideas to market and current ideas to new markets.